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Cox digital phones

1. didn't want anything but a landline, Cox says I have no choice

2. bill goes up and I now have 2 modems

3. lose power, your phones are out too

4. Cox seems to think we should all use our cell phones when we have issues

5. which I do - bad digital modem

6. 3 days until the "earliest" apt available

7. that's after I've spent an hour + trying to get answers from someone

8. been waiting 35+ mins for the manager to even get on the chat

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  • 1. Were you under some kind of contract? Did they give a reason why?

    2. There are modems that do both phone and internet. The DPQ3212 is now being phased out by the Arris TM3402 and should be free with phone and internet service.

    3. True, unless you have your own UPS. However, even then some of it comes down to the battery backups needed for the infrastructure and how long they last.

    6. 3 days sounds like a lot for no phone.

    8. IMO chat is less then useful. Either email them direct or call.