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Call History not showing in Voice Everywhere

I and other users still have this issue. It has been a problem for a month. This is a crucial element of Cox's new system that hangs in limbo.

I individually have talked with Tech Services ad nauseum, escalated and escalated, and "We're working on it" for over a month is not acceptable. 

If Cox is going to offer "features" then they should work. Otherwise, I recommend that you roll back to the previous system. If upgrades aren't functional, they should never be rolled out.

When I am faced with a now increased bill from Cox and their software is non-functional, I am not motivated to pay for a broken system. Fix it or go back to your original software. Now.

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  • I first reported this same issue over 6 months ago.    I had the same calls with Cox support.    It seem numerous other people have complained about the same issue.    It seems Cox doesn’t care or listen.  I give up.  

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