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Cox Connect App and Call History

When will the Cox Connect app show call history once again for customers that have been migrated to the "Voice" feature?     Approx. 6 months ago my call history in Connect App stopped working and whenever I clicked on the phone icon it takes me to the Voice Everywhere app.    The Voice Everywhere app only shows call history of calls made from within the Voice Everywhere app so that doesn't help.       I was told by Cox Support that customer that have been migrated from "Legacy" to "Voice" can no longer see call history in the Connect app and must resort to viewing call history my access phone support via a browser page.     At that time I had asked if call history would be once again be available in the Cox Connect app and I was told it would be in the future.

I did not asked to be migrated to the "Voice" feature and I don't use the Voice Everywhere application.     

I noticed that the newest version of the Cox Connect app v2.34.0 that was released to my phone on 1/28/19 has a "What's New" Enhancement description that says "Users now have the CHOICE to be redirected to Voice Everywhere and can see call history in Cox Connect".    I was hoping that this enhancement would finally give me the ability to see call history in my Connect app but it still does not work.

Can someone please tell me WHEN the Cox Connect app will once again have the capability to display phone call history?

  • I've been having trouble with call history for over 3 weeks now & they gave me a ticket # & escalated the problem. Kept promising me that they were working on today I'm being told there is no fix for it & they're escalating me to voice everywhere. Where is the customer service here? 

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