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Security Suite


I have installed / uninstalled / reinstalled Mcafee multiple times, tried updating the info on the "my profile" section in the Security Suite section, and I am still having issues, and for what I pay for the service, I should NOT be dealing with.

1.) My laptop is telling me, AGAIN that my membership is expiring and to renew

2.) in the profile section, where it shows me my account infor for the Suite, I have the 636_ in front of my info, as well as the name of "Cox Customer" NOT my information, and it will NOT let me change any of it because it keeps telling me my password is wrong, which clearly it wasnt because I can get in here and post, as we ll as get to that point...

So.... WTH am I supposed to do, because I REFUSE to uninstall and reinstall ever 30 days or so because something else is screwed up somewhere...

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