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Not receiving Cox email at AT& and email servers.

I finally go my Cox email to work on my new iPad. The incoming and outgoing was verified when setting up the email account on my iPad, finally, with success. So my son sent me some test emails from his AT&T and Gmail accounts and I received them! So I replied to the test email so that my son could receive my Cox emails. No luck! After 24 hours, he has still not received my Cox reply emails. The iPad email client shows the sent emails in the sent folder, and to verify this, I logged into the Cox WebMail page and verified that my sent emails were also in the sent box. I then created a new test email from the Cox WebMail page and sent it to my son’s AT&T and Gmail accounts. The test email was “supposedly” sent and shows in the Cox WebMail sent box. After 3 hours, my son has not received my test Cox email, even though he is receiving email from everybody else’s email he normally receives daily email from. We have also checked the spam folders of both the AT&T and Gmail accounts and the test and reply emails are not there. 

Okay, so forget all about operating systems and email clients, Cox’s own WebMail cannot send to other email servers. By now I would think that Cox would know how email works and would have better beta tested their email update of 4/24/19 prior to release. My son has advised me to leave Cox and go with AT&T if this email issue continues any further. Email is an important part of communicating and keeping in touch with my family and friends. When will Cox’s IT department take a serious look at the impact they’re email is having on their customers. Email is a basic and old technology and their is no excuse for what is happening with Cox email.

Please help, only if you really can. Pointing fingers at the customer and other ISPs would be inappropriate from what I have documented. Remember, this is all happening logged into my Cox network and, now, only using the Cox WebMail page to verify the Cox email issue I am experiencing. This is a closed loop test!!!

Thank you in advance for any help I may receive.