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Slow upload speeds

Upload in the PHX are is just fine.

Trying to upload outside the PHX area is limited to 5Mbps.

As in a server in Dallas, or San Jose.

Seems the interconnects between providers is severely limited.

  • Hello, slow upload speeds can be a real hassle, and we're sorry you have to experience this with your service. We are detecting signal issues, which can cause slow upload speeds. Please check to ensure that all cables are tightly secured and free of damage. Also, if you have a splitter, I would recommend removing it and running the cable directly to the wall. Lastly, please make sure any amplifiers you may have are not only plugged in but also in good, work condition.

    I am including a link with some additional information on how to improve your internet speeds:

    If you are still having issues, please include a link to this forum thread and email us at, for further troubleshooting. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator