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I noticed I asked this question 5 years ago and still no movement from COX.

Why can other providers around the Country do this and COX can't?  Whatever

the excuse is appears to have been solved by other providers.

I don't understand the logic not to offer it especially with so many dropping

cable TV keeping internet and buying a streaming package they can use

on all their TVs as well as cell phone.   Granted you loose the rental

box fee but you keep a service vs. cancelling cable TV.

Otherwise eliminate the rental box fee that provides everything one pays for not that little box that doesn't

get everything you pay for.   Somehow watching TV on a cell phone or iPad

doesn't offer the same experience as my TV.

One big benefit would be if Cable TV goes out you can still watch it through an

app on your firestick/Roku/ whatever internet streaming box.  I have had plenty of cases

my cable tv would go down but internet worked.  

I know this is an old rant (5 years old)  but I have to say some of the streaming packages

are starting to look good compared to the cost of cable TV.