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Why does FOX BUSINESS (and sometimes FOX NEWS) not play audio and video on Contour only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Contour App to play tv on the computer will not play Fox Business on weekends, sometimes just the audio will not play for Fox Business channel and sometimes both the audio and video for Fox Business will not play... usually only Friday, Saturday and Sundays.... however CNN will play as will some Food channels at those times on Contour.  That makes me think possibly someone who works at Cox Cable is turning off the Fox Business Channel Feed on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.  This has happened in various forms for the last month and I need to follow stock market news for work.  It is highly annoying.  A month ago both Fox News and Fox Business was not working on Contour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but CNN was working on Contour.  All of the TV Go channels should work on Contour on the weekends, not randomly losing audio or both audio and picture for some channels.  

  • Why is there no way to email tech support or let someone in management know that only specific channels get turned off on the weekends, either fully or audio?  It seems that someone who works weekends is making a mistake and there is no way of contacting cox management to let them know that someone is making this mistake.

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