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Please restore ability to take a screenshot on iOS with Contour app

It used to be very convenient to be able to bring up the cable news channels on the Contour app, and take a screenshot of news being presented (example, a fire map).  However, this no longer works on the Contour app.

On iPhone 8 running iOS 11, that capability seems to have failed after a recent update - you can still press the screenshot buttons, but it only captures a blank black image. 

Other news/TV streaming apps have not regressed in this way, and I have not applied any OS updates to the phone in many months.  I believe it was a change to the Cox Contour app that updated recently in the last month or two.

I do like the Contour app, it starts quickly, doesn't crash or hang if there is an internet dropout etc.  But if I can't use it to mail screenshots to friends/relatives then I will probably just delete it.

Can you clarify if this behavior is a bug or an intentional change ?


  • Hi Rbarris,
    The intentionally does not allow you to take screenshots. If you go into the Settings section of your Contour App you will see 'Terms of Service'. The 'End User License Agreement' prohibits you from copying content that you access on the App.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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