“Last” Button on Remote - YT app

When watching videos on the YouTube app, the “last” button was functional, and I could easily navigate to the next video I select. Now, it no longer works when you are watching a video and want to return to the other videos for selection. “Last” button only works when you are not in a video. For example, in my Subscriptions, I will watch one of my videos, and at the end of the video, I used to press “last” and it returned to the same Subscription, but I could choose another video displayed in that category. Now, I have to exit out of the entire YT app, and go back in every time. This is very time-consuming. I have reset the Cox box to no avail. If I reset the YT app, I am afraid I will lose my Library of Favorite videos, subscriptions, liked videos, history, etc. Please advise on a course of action as this has just started happening today, and we Like to watch our late night shows every morning from YouTube through Cox Contour. Thank you. 

  • I’m also having the same problem and someone else also started a thread about this issue last week. In that thread, a Cox moderator said they will look into fixing the problem. I really hope they fix it, because the only work around is to completely exit the YouTube app and relaunch it just to get back to the main menu screen after I’m finished watching a video. It’s the most hugest pain in the butt to have to do this every single time and in my opinion, not worth watching the YouTube app through Contour until they fix it. Which ** big time because I’m paying for something that doesn’t work properly. 

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