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“Last” Button on Remote - YT app

When watching videos on the YouTube app, the “last” button was functional, and I could easily navigate to the next video I select. Now, it no longer works when you are watching a video and want to return to the other videos for selection. “Last” button only works when you are not in a video. For example, in my Subscriptions, I will watch one of my videos, and at the end of the video, I used to press “last” and it returned to the same Subscription, but I could choose another video displayed in that category. Now, I have to exit out of the entire YT app, and go back in every time. This is very time-consuming. I have reset the Cox box to no avail. If I reset the YT app, I am afraid I will lose my Library of Favorite videos, subscriptions, liked videos, history, etc. Please advise on a course of action as this has just started happening today, and we Like to watch our late night shows every morning from YouTube through Cox Contour. Thank you.