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Cox will not help me

I pay 77$ a month for my internet connection, which drops me about ten times a day.  I've called and it's been reset over and over.  A technician came to my house and said my walls are thick. 

Cox is the one I'm paying for my internet connection, which is shoddy and unstable.  Isn't it Cox's responsibility to figure this out for me? 

I try to contact someone and every time they refer me to someone else, and then a tech says, I can fix it!  And then reset my modem, even though I tell them this doens't work. 

You know, if it didn't take a full hour and a half to do anything at the Cox store, I'd cancel my conenction with Cox in a heartbeat.  I'm so fed up and infuriated and sick about paying for basic internet that Cox can't provide.

At the very least, I should be given a discount if Cox can't provide the services I'm paying for. So absolutely mediocre. 

Will someone ever address my problems?