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3 years ago

Why does the Bally Sports feed change feeds?

At 4p m today, the Bally Sports feed showing the KC Royals game in the bottom of the 8th switched from the KC feed to the St Louis feed and started showing a St Louis program. WHY? FWIW the feed on my tablet from Bally remained on the game.

Is this a Cox problem or a Bally problem. I need to know where to direct my wrath! This is at least the 5th time the Bally feed has been incorrect when broadcasting a KC game. Usually it "self corrects" after 10-15 minutes but today it did not. At 5:00pm it went back to the KC feed (the game was over by then).

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    I'm watching a baseball game in which Bally Sports has interrupted live game action twice for the same Cox Media commercial.  (The guy at Bally Sports in charge of switching to commercials during mid-inning breaks must have put the process on a timer so that he can take a nap).

    I missed three games last week because 1. the wrong game was broadcast (a St. Louis Cardinals game) , 2. Bally broadcast other programming for nearly two hours before switching to the game (in the 6th inning) and 3. the channel for the scheduled game displayed a black screen for two hours followed by a  "Sinclair Broadcast Group Media Operations Center" test pattern. 

    Edit: Live action was interrupted a third time for another Cox Media commercial.

    Is Bally Sports interrupting live game action or is it Cox?