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2 years ago

Where are the rest of the Walking Dead:Dead City episodes?

Why is there only one episode of the TWD Dead City on demand? Where are the other four episodes?

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      Thanks but not on tv? Multiple people are watching together. It seems like on demand is offering less and less each year.

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        it's not like you didn't know episodes might not be available On Demand.  Your Forum activity is filled with similar posts.  I don't work for Cox and I'm not trying to sell you anything, but you might consider getting DVR service and start recording programs you don't want to miss.

        If you don't get DVR service to record TWD:DC, you still have three time slots to choose from on Sunday night and it repeats again Friday night.  You should pick one of the Sunday time slots for those multiple people to meet and watch together.   Anyone not there at the scheduled time can watch when it repeats Friday or watch on the website.  Otherwise, everybody misses out.

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        Apparently, the next episode is the season finale.  If you've already missed 5 of the 6 season episodes and don't want to watch on the website, you could wait and watch all episodes from the beginning later when they'll probably repeat.  But, if you don't have a watch plan ready, the same thing will happen again.