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4 months ago

Viewing a sports program while still recording

We often have a problem when watching a sports program that has been recording but hasn't finished yet.  While viewing the recording and then fast forwarding it often goes back to the beginning.  We then need to fast forward to try to find where we were.  Seems to only happen when viewing a recording that hasn't finished yet.  We have the Panoramic Wi-Fi with DVR in the cloud and mini cable box.  Not sure if that makes any difference.  It's very frustrating.

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    I watch sports slightly delayed in order to skip time outs, inning breaks, halftime, etc. too.

    Cloud DVR can be affected by a weak signal.  It's possible that a signal issue during fast forward could be causing playback to revert to the beginning.  Another consideration is how close you are to the end of recorded programming.  Even a local DVR can be affected when playback gets close to 'live'.  You could also try fast forward at a slower speed to see if that makes a difference.

    As a workaround, make the channel the sports event is on the current channel.  When you get to within a half hour of live, abandon the recording and reverse the live buffer to where you were.  Before doing that, be sure to mute sound and hold your hand in front of the TV to avoid a spoiler.