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8 months ago

VA Tech football game not showing on B10 Network in Northern VA

Not sure what happened, but I posted this issue an hour ago and it got deleted by someone.

The Big 10 Network (Channel 109) in Northern Virginia is supposed to be showing the VA Tech vs. Rutgers game but has been showing Iowa vs. Western Michigan game since kickoff at 3:30 PM

Moderator indicated issue was reported upward but the wrong game is still showing at 5:15 PM.

Would appreciate someone fixing this before it's a moot point (e.g., game is over).

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  • Hello,


    Sorry for the late response. Are you having similar issues with any other channel and/or programming? 

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    The issue was resolved by/around 5:30 PM on Saturday (just after the 2nd half kickoff) - Channel 109 (Big 10) finally started showing the VA Tech vs. Rutgers game as it should have.

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      Hi Tim, thanks for that update.  Sorry to see that it appears you did miss a good portion of the game.  Networks actually provide the content but was happy to report it for you.  Thanks again for contacting us.  Have a great day.