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5 years ago

Update everyday ughhhh!

Omg seriously cox really needs to have a update every single day? Why? R they seriously updating something every single day? I don’t see any changes so why do they need to have an update every day? I watch tv mostly at night time and my parents watch tv during the day so I’m stuck with the stupid update at night time and it only lets u skip at the most two nights in a row if u change the update time on the second night but by the third night there is nothing to get around it and it’s just completely annoying especially if I’m not caught up to live tv and if u want to at least wait till commercial to do the update the message covers up almost the entire tv so u can only listen till commercial which is also annoying! Ugh I miss direct tv so bad cuz with them there is no stupid update every day and u can go back four hours as long as u have been on the same channel for that long but cox only goes back 30 minutes which is ridiculous and u can only pause live tv for the thirty minutes but with direct tv u can pause up to four hours and what’s with only being able to pause ondemand and recorded shows for like five minutes ugh so annoying cuz sometimes when u pause to go pee and while ur up decide to make something to eat and it might take more than five minutes but u were still watching what u had paused but u get back to the tv and it’s not paused anymore making u have to set it all back up again just cuz u took more than five minutes wow just wow! Cox just completely ** and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use cox for their cable unless they want horrible features and like tons of inconveniences and when they have problems with their service they take over a month to fix leaving u with nothing but frustration cuz u can’t even watch one full tv show without the cable completely messing up and u miss half the show and when u call cox they do nothing to help! I’m so fed up with cox if u couldn’t tell already lol!

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    You just added three more things to my list of features that are better with a Contour 1 receiver.  (1) Contour 1 receivers  don't have a daily update that disrupts viewing. (2)  You can back up live TV an hour (instead of 30 minutes) if you've been on that channel for at least that long.  (3) You can pause recorded programming for what may be an indefinite time by pressing Pause, Exit, then Info.  I haven't tried it for OnDemand so I don't know if it works the same for that.

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    my update comes between 3-5a, when i'm sleeping & cox probably feels the same, with no issues for most folks.

  • Why does this need to be done daily? Also, why does Cox not work after the u[update? IT freezes almost every time and I have to reboot over and over until it works again.