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5 years ago

TV Receiver Update

I currently have motorola receivers which provide for Rovi Guide/Advanced TV.  I receive my service through Cox New Orleans.  I have been informed that the receivers must now be updated in order to allow for continued viewing of all my subscribed channels.  As a result of the update, it is my understanding that the replacement receivers will provide for Cox Contour guides.  However, I cannot find information as to what receiver model(s) I will be provided as part of the update process.   On the  Cox web site page "Identifying your Cox Digital Receiver" there appears to be a few receivers that may qualify as an appropriate replacement.  Is there a specific receiver(s) that Cox is utilizing to implement the update and must my remote controller also be replaced as part of the update process?   

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    It depends to which services you subscribe, such as premium channels, DVR, wireless, as well as which models your Solution Store has in stock.

    In addition to returning your Rovi boxes, you will also need to return the remote controllers.  The Solution Store will then issue ALL your need equipment.

  • Hi ECB, the model used may vary depending on what is available in the supply chain for replacement. The remotes will be replaced as well.

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      are motorola cable cards beng exchanged for cisco cable cards or just the cable boxes?

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        Hello Andrew,

        Only the cable boxes will need to be exchanged during this Rovi retirement.

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