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4 years ago

Tucson AZ / Experiencing Intermittent Freezing and Blackout of Live TV

Experiencing two similar issues while watching live TV:

1. Picture will freeze briefly (2-3 seconds) and then resumes.

2. Screen goes blank briefly (3-5 seconds), also no sound and then resumes. Occasionally lasts longer and the remote is non-responsive and requires a hard reset of the Contour box by unplugging it.

Issues occur on all of our Contour boxes to varying degrees.

All coax connectors have been checked and are tight and all boxes, plus router have been rebooted multiple times.

How best to further troublehoot this intermittent issue?

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    Hi @TucsonSam

    Do you have any wireless contour boxes, and does this happen on all channels or just one particular channel?

    Ben S.
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      Hi @Ben S., no wireless boxes, all are wired. Happens on more than one channel, for example channels 31, 37 and 77. Also, when it does happen, when the blackout ends I am able to rewind the program prior to where the blackout/freeze happened (rewind say for 30 seconds) and then when the program resumes, when it reaches the point where it blacked out originally this time it does not black out.