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3 years ago

Tivo Acquiring Channels Stuck @ 72% or 89%" issue

Becky & Co.:

Have had a Roamio series 5 (TCD846500) on Cox for 5+ years in South San Diego without significant issue.

Recently spouse complained that several of the TIVO channels (QVC & Home & Garden) had begun displaying wrong

channel, although our Cox mini-box was fine.

Last nite reset & software upgraded the TIVO and now the TIVO does not seem to recognize either the cable card or tuning adapter

and I get the infamous (and previously unknown to us) "Tivo Acquiring Channels Stuck @ 72% or 89%" issue.

Based on TIVO forum search, powered down the TIVO pulled cable card, powered up and and did a "Repeat Guided Setup".

Setup accomplished without error. Powered down, reinstalled Cable Card and did another "guided setup". SEEMS to proceed OK,

but get no TV and the "Tivo Acquiring Channels Stuck @ 72% or 89%" issue. Tried a half dozen times and it is always either 72%

or 89% with no change for (at least) hours. 4 Chats and one voice call got no change. Each time, tech says that card is paired and

activated, but "hit" fails. SEEMS like there is some special juju that only the most clever Cox tech knows to try !

Pulled Cox mini-box from bedroom, and plugged in in place of flawlessly.

Really don't think we've had some sudden hardware failure !

Any advice ??




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