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2 months ago

Sound loss MSNBC

Repeated loss of sound on MSNBC. This seems to occur 3 to 5 monthly.  Often the sound loss occurs late in the afternoon/early evening and sound does not return until the next day. This past weekend we lost sound on Channels 10 and 12 briefly.  The tv was reset several times to on avail. Any advise?

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    Check the SAP and audio description settings.  If either of them is On, turn it Off.  If the option is already Off, toggle it On and Off again.

    Inspect the HDMI or audio cable to ensure it's plugged in correctly and isn't damaged.  If a cable is damaged, replace it.  Verify there's no dust or debris in the ports.  

    Experiment with different options in TV settings.  If you have a connected audio device, switch to the TV's internal speakers to see if that fixes the sound.  If it does, turn the device off and unplug it for at least 10 seconds.  Check the audio settings in the connected device.  Make a note of the previous options for any TV or connected device settings you change so you can put everything back the way it was if changes you made don't fix the issue.

    If anything fixes your issue, please let us know what you did to fix it.

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      The sound returned on channel 47, MSNBC this morning.  I made no attempts to rectify the loss of sound.  This happens repeatedly.  Sound loss can last for hours, frequently from early evening hours though the night and returns in morning.  At times resets and reboots have worked but it is annoying repetitive time consuming process.  

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        Hi FAurelio,


        We apologize for the audio troubles.  There is a known issue with audio loss of which our network teams are aware of.  We hope for a speedy resolve.  In the mean time customers are finding that rebooting/refreshing will restore the audio (temporarily).  I know how tedious this is and we apologize for the inconvenience.  


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      Two weeks ago we lost sound on MSNBC (only) in the evening. Box reboot via app did not fix it. The sound was back in the morning though. It happened again 2 days ago. I called Cox customer service. She said it's a known issue and a fix is being tested but had no estimated date. She also suggested I exchange my Contour box for a new one but I am skeptical - though I am considering it. She had me unplug the box for 10 seconds and then replug it. The sound came back but we lost it again last night (she had warned it was probably a temporary fix). This morning it is still off and another reboot did not help. I tried your SAP suggestion (thanks) but that did no help either. All cables and connections are fine. No other channel whatsoever is impacted. To me it seems random and bizarre but I don't know anything about the inner workings of channel delivery. So I'm hoping the 'fix' is pushed out soon.