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5 years ago

Samsung RU7100 and Contour GX-CX801CK HDMI Compatibility Issues

I just bought a Samsung RU7100. My set top box is a Contour Model GX-CX801CK. I connect to the RU7100 from the Contour with a HDMI cable (port 1) and a Coax cable (antenna). The picture looks fuzzy.. If I disconnect the Coax cable to the RU7100 antenna input, I have no cable tv. The RU7100 asks for a make and model of the device on HDMI (port 1). Any ideas on the actual manufacture and model of the set top box? Has anyone else had this issue that has a fix?

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    You may have to select the cable-box with the Input button on your remote.  Since you enabled the tuner in your TV by connecting an antenna, the tuner in your TV may be set as the default input.

    Completely unplug and disconnect both the cable-box and antenna.  Plug in and connect the cable-box and let Contour do all the initial configuration.  Once the cable-box is up-and-running, connect your antenna and do a channel scan.

    Use the Input button on your remote to switch between the 2 devices.

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      Bruce, many thanks. Your fix was correct. Thanks for the help.