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3 years ago

Removing the GRIT local channel in Tulsa

Really frustrated with Cox replacing a local channel (GRIT) with some daytime drama.  Their support staff wasn't notified about this so I had a service technician come out.  He wasn't aware of it until he called someone higher up.  There are plenty of drama channels already out there without adding another one.

I am going to have to take a serious look at alternatives to Cox.

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    I want my
    I want my
    I want my Grit TV

    look at them yo-yo's...

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    Hi Lync,

    I know having the content that you want on your channel lineup is important to you. The Broadcaster KMYT in Tulsa made an unannounced programming change from Grit TV to Start TV. I apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with the channel to confirm the change and get the updated channel lineups and guide information.

    Ben S.
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      Thanks for your reply, Ben.  I noticed that the station KMYT is owned by Cox Media!