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7 years ago

RDK 03033

I see from reading the some other forums others are having the same error and the issue is still not resolved. We have only been dealing with this for a about 4 weeks, but the issue still persist. No one can even explain or tell me what the error means and no one can fix it. I pay over $200. a month fofr  service that does not work, Cox has replaced 2 contour boxes and the last one I was told was brand new, but when I hooked it up, it makes a noise like a fan already going out. I get the rdk 03033 error when trying to change channels or to play a dvr show. And now tonight, everything we recorded is stuttering, the video part seems fine. when I tried to stop the recording the RDK 03033 comes up and I can not do anything for 10 to 15 minutes, unhooking the box does not help., Why should I pay for something you can not fix? You should pay me or refubd me for the time it does not work...