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7 years ago

Questions/Concerns new Contour 2 User

My old box died and I had to replace it with Contour 2. I have the following questions:

1. DVR is scheduling old shows despite selecting "new" only. I saw this was posted here 2 months ago and was supposedly fixed but not at my house. :-(

2. Is there anyway to bypass the mandatory reboot daily? This means you can't schedule any recordings during this time period. And say you have it set in the middle of the night. What if you can't sleep? The TV goes off on you.  :-(

3. After it reboots, it goes to the the lowest channel instead of the channel I had on. This is just like a regular manual reboot you had to do for one reason or another. Only now it's every day. :-(

4. Power saver is turned on. But it doesn't turn off, i.e., power down, the box. The light remains blue. :-(

Thank you.

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  • Duran Duran, To address your problem with the DVR recording, I suggest deleting the scheduled recording and adding it again to see if that fixes it. Any maintenance or system updates performed by Cox can not be bypassed. If you are configuring Power Saver on a DVR, please keep in mind that DVR's will still perform all scheduled recordings and thus not turn off. -ColleenD -Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you for responding. I deleted the scheduled recordings and added again as "new" and it still insists on scheduling old shows.

      I'm not clear on what you are saying about turning the dvr totally off with the remote? It won't turn off (no blue light) if you have anything scheduled to record?

      Also I have a 5th question now. Added movies to the playlist (so it's like bookmarks!). But how do I delete one from the playlist after I've watched it?

      Thank you!

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        Duran Duran, you can turn the box off through the menu under Power Preferences if you like, or you can change the light option to not have the power light lit. To remove an item from your viewing playlist you would navigate to the playlist by pressing the Contour button / navigate to Saved/ navigate to Playlists? select the playlist / navigate to the content you would like to remove from the playlist / Press the Info button on your remote / navigate to and select Remove. -ColleenD - Cox Support Forums Moderator