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12 months ago

Picture Freezes goes black usually around 10:30 pm

I have reset the panoramic modem, exchanged all three wireless boxes and exchanged the panoramic modem.  I have tried monitoring the devices logged on to my network, but I cannot find the information on y router...(it does not seem show data usage by device...) 

I suspect that we have three homes on our node...and one of them plays video games or streams other internet content in the evening....and that Cox throttles our node...

Any suggestions?

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    Cox doesn't throttle a node. You may see congestion as bandwidth is used but that would NOT cause a picture freeze. That is a signal issue. Can you explain how the coaxial gets to the different outlets in your house? How many splitters and what kind? Try putting the modem on the different outlets and note it's signal levels. You can find signal levels by going to > username:admin password:password(unless changed) > Connection > Cox Network. Note the downstream and upstream power levels. That is the Cox signal going over the coaxial line. For every 2 way splitter, the signal drops 3.5dB.

    Something else you can do is ask your neighbors who have Cox and see if they have the same problem. If so, then you can rule out all your internal wiring and equipment.