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2 years ago

ongoing 'tiling' issues

hi all...

we've had tiling issues since december 2022

still unresolved to date..... actually was fortunate to

deal with tech support here in the states.... and this was

not 'packet loss'..... told it was 'tiling'... 2-3 seconds of the loss of

audio and screen pixelation.  i was actually given a credit by

customer service. 

i was told that this is a software issue that the tech folks in atlanta

were working on and should be resolved in a week or so.

well, it has not yet been corrected.

i must also note that an in house tech came to my home, and determined

that all diagnostics showed there is no issue with the line to the house, the wiring

inside the house, or the equipment we have. (contour dvr)

i've contacted tech support numerous times, and much to my chagrin and dismay,

cox is now routing these calls to offshore support, and these folks can not provide

the support required, they have limited knowledge base, and have no clue as to

what 'tiling' actually is.

they only offer what their menu offers.... only repeatedly telling me to switch out

my equipment noting there is nothing wrong with it.

i've tried to escalate the call to u.s. based support, but that is no longer

possible.  i've spoken with u.s. based customer sales support, and they are

now unable to forwarwd to u.s. based tech support.

we've been cox customers for more than 30 years, and their lack of

proper customer tech support is unacceptable.

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    Digital Tiling, or 'pixilation', is a normal occurrence NOW and THEN, it's the picture updating itself. If it's more common, then it's could either be cause by software on older boxes, or a signal issue. Signal issues can be anything from a bad signal to interference cause by a signal getting INTO the cable. 

    How to troubleshoot - 

    Start by replacing any splitters, and barrel connecters, (Barrel connecters are usually found in the cable plates on the walls), and replacing any cable wires from the barrel connecter on the wall plate, to the cable box, as well as modems. Once you have replaced all the cables and connectors you can reach, it's time for a tech to come out. Older boxes should be replaced ONLY if they are acting up. If they work in one room, not the other, focus on the ones not working. If it's happening to ALL the boxes in the home, it could still be only one box, as some systems have the main box providing the tuner for the other boxes, so focus on the MAIN cable box in that instance. 

    Cox tech support USED to be trained techs, now it's "Customer service" following a monkey script called solution center. It's useless as many people have found out, and one of the reasons I am glad I am no longer there.

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    Is it effecting all the channels? Are your neighbors effected? If it's been happening since last year I doubt it's a Atlanta problem. Have you had a technician out recently?

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      All channels… the issue has been diagnosed as tiling by Cox itself. I was told by in house tech that corporate is working in the problem.. that was weeks ago.  All diagnostics noted no problem from pole to home, inside home or the equipment itself.  

  • I have the same problem but only on the music channels. I haven’t bothered with Cox tech support for the reasons you noted, they’re simply awful.