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5 years ago

One American News Channel

I am trying to become a Cox cable customer, but there is no way without the One American News channel. It is getting better everyday and my wife will not let me change from Directv until you have it in your line up. You could save me some money by just adding this channel.

It is by far the most requested add channel you get, it's like 5-1.

I have been asking for 3 years now, I just can't understand the hold up.

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    it's probably the cost of adding oan but keep trying!

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    Cox strives to provide a wide variety of cable programming while trying to keep rates as low as possible. We continually evaluate new networks to determine if they would add value for our customers based on cost & bandwidth. We keep on request on file.

    Jonathan J
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      Is there anyway we could see the list of request for OANN ? I bet it's a bunch. Has Cox ever had any dealings with OANN to show faith in trying to bring the channel to the masses ?

      I am just curious if this is even pliable after so many years of request ? Thanks ahead for your response Jonathan.

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    Of Cox's 800+ "channels," only watch about 10 channels; the rest are bogus (esp. CNN).   OANN would be the eleventh if Cox would only add it.  OANN is the fastest growing news channel in the US.  No excuse.