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3 years ago

No pre or post shows in NHL Center Ice?

Been a subscriber to NHL Center Ice for a number of years.  For the most part, I've been pretty happy with the game selections.  With the newest iteration of Center Ice, however, there are big problems.  

While I love the new price this season, I am very unhappy about the lack of pre-game and post-game coverage available.  Center Ice is THE only way I can follow my team without doing back flips and multiple jumping about just to watch the game.  Part of the overall experience is the pre and post game shows.  But, for whatever reason(s), Center Ice is no longer showing any pre/post shows on any of its channels.  Why is this??

Center Ice and Cox blame each other for any of the problems with the programming.  I just want to watch an entire game, start to finish, with the announcers of my choice.  Why is that so hard??  As much as I pay for Cox cable service, and NHL Center Ice, you would think the programming would be better!!

Tonight is a good example.  Game started a 6PM.  The announcers blabbed a bit, then at 6:20, the game actually started.  By 8:45, the game was over, and so was the broadcast.  No pre-game.  No post-game.  Just a "Good Night" screen from NHL Center Ice.  No game wrap-up, no nothing.  And on this particular channel(1672), nothing on prior to the game, but went straight to an infomercial after.  Why can't anyone from Cox or NHL Center Ice tell me what the heck is going on??

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