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4 years ago

NHL center ice problem

NHL center ice is very intermittent. Works sometimes, and other times it says that there is a network problem, and the screen goes black. I have a full package from Cox communications with all the pay channels and everything, and everything else works perfectly fine. Only the NHL package is messing up. This is the third time this is happened. Right now they are having someone come out to my house next Tuesday, but I know there’s no problem in my house, because all seven TVs are having the exact same problem. And it’s only NHL center ice. Everything else works perfectly fine. What is going on with this? I pay a lot of money for NHL center ice, and many times it stops working. This is the third time. One time I called about two years ago and they said oh most people don’t know how to do this here but you just have to do this one little thing to make it work, and they did some thing and then it worked perfectly. Right now I have talked to three different agents and they are unable to get it working. I am concerned about people having enough knowledge at customer service to handle the situation.

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