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3 years ago

News Zone

A long time ago a multi screen collection of news channels was available.  I recently saw something similar on a Dish product.

Please bring this feature back to Cox.

What would be innovative: allow the user to pick any 4, 5, or 6 channels to watch simultaneously.  If I have 6 tuners we ought to be able to make that magic happen. 

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    News Zone was with Contour-1.  We're on Contour-2.

    Contour-2:  Contour Button > On Demand > TV > TV Genres > News & Talk > News Shows

    The results are quite liberal!

    Of course this would just be a list of news shows and not networks.  Instead of going through TV Genres, Cox should add a path under Browse TV > TV Networks > By Category > [News].

    Or...add a News View for the Guide.  If you press Guide twice, there are options for different categories to display.

    Best I can recommend is to browse, find show, its network and add network as Favorites.