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5 years ago

New post?

Can I voice my frustration with Cox? Given Pandemic I realize things will not be easy... but why did it take one month to finally get someone to inspect the cable lines leading into the house?????? One whole month. Dozens of frustrating chats. And several blatant lies that a service ticket was set up... shameful. It was a extraneous moca adapter... found that out a month later.

We don’t have a choice for service. When do get a choice, it will never be Cox. shameful service. You left my elderly mother without internet and TV for a WHOLE MONTH due to customer service INCOMPETENCE. *** COX.

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    I apologize for any frustrations caused by all of this. Our support forums are primarily intended for customers to discuss technical issues with peers in a self-help capacity. Issues concerning account specific problems are best addressed privately via support staff. Feel free to email us at if you still require further assistance.