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4 years ago

NBC Nightly News

We watch WKYC, ch 3 news most every night in NE Ohio.  All the local news NBC content is good from 6-630 and 7-730, as is other content at other times.  NBC Nightly News from 630-7 has terrible audio and video drops and breaks the entire 30 minutes.  Why?

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    WKYC is an Affiliate.  When the affiliate creates a program (local news), you appear to receive it okay.  Any prime time programming is from NBC HQ.  NBC sends it to your affiliate...the affiliate sends it to Cox...Cox delivers it to your house.  You appear to receive this okay.

    NBC News is also from NBC HQ; however, there appears to be a problem between the News Div and your affiliate.  Either NBC is sending a weak signal or your affiliate is receiving a good signal...but botching it.  Either way, you'll need to contact your local affiliate or check their website(s).