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4 years ago

My CableCard head/headend setting may need to be updated

I have an HD Homerun that has been running fine for years now. We had to swap out the CableCard and the new one is having issues retrieving a channel list. Based on HD Homerun's troubleshooting FAQ it appears the new card is having issues receiving the channel lineup. My VCTID is non-zero and by VCT is 0. Here is the suggestion from their faq. (

If the VCTID is something other than 0 but VCT/VCT Rcvd is 0, this indicates that the CableCARD has been configured incorrectly by the cable provider and is not receiving a channel lineup as a result. The provider will typically need to change the hub or headend setting associated with the card in their system. In the case of Comcast, this is not something that can be performed by a phone representative. Either the phone representative needs to escalate the issue to the local operations/warehouse/addressability people, or a tech needs to visit, and make a call to those same people and have them correct the setting.

How do I go about doing this?