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5 years ago

My cable box remote

Even with new batteries, my remote buttons for the cable box work extremely slow that I end up hitting the button over again and it reacts to 2 pushes. sometimes some of the buttons don't work at all. do I need a new remote? VERY frustrating!

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    Exchange it.  Don't cost nothing.  Remove your new batteries.

  • That might not necessarily be the remote. Have you also tried rebooting the cable box by briefly unplugging the power and also tightening any loose connections?

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    It's 1-of-3 far.  The first one is temporary and moderators can't explain.  The cable-box becomes "sluggish" to any command from the remote.  For example, if you press Guide, it'll take 4-5 seconds to display the Guide menu.  It's happened to me twice with Controur-2 and both disappeared after a couple days.

    The second happened with Rovi and it sounds like the OP's problem:  wear-and-tear.  The Guide button went from requiring another press to harder-and-harder presses to eventually becoming a dead chunk of rubber.  However, the rarely-used buttons also became unresponsive.  Reboots to fix other problems had no effect.

    The third on is new:  reboot the cable-box.  Do instruction sets become corrupt?  I've never seen that.  Beginning with a LaserDisc player, I've had lots of components and lots of remotes but never had one lose its codes.