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4 years ago

Multiple DVRs

Can you pay for more than one record 6 DVR on one account?  If so, would you then be able to record 12 shows at once if needed?  Also, would you then be able to watch recordings on any tv regardless of which DVR it was recorded on?

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    Even if you can do what you're asking, one "Ultimate (Record 24) DVR Service" plan is 25% cheaper than two "Preferred (Record 6) DVR Service" plans ($29.99 vs 2x$19.99) while providing twice the channel recording (24 vs 2x6) and twice the hours of HD video storage (1000 vs 2x250).

    The above is according to this Cox website:

    Edit: The website didn't indicate the Record 24 DVR service was wireless only.

  • Yes, you could have two of the record 6 wired units (max limit is 6 recordings for wired) or just 1 of the wireless units that CurtB mentioned with up to 24 simultaneous recordings.- Brian