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4 years ago

Moving from wired contour boxes to 4k streaming boxes

Quick background and question for those who may have done something similar...

In short, on Monday I experienced a TV connection outage. Tech came that day and determined that my primary DVR box was bad and needed to be replaced. That solved the connection issue for that TV and two other coax connected HD boxes in our house. In the process of checking my signal strength to the house (fine) and replacing a three way splitter at the outside line, he recommended that I move to three streaming 4k boxes with essentially one line from the outside of the house to the Cox Panoramic router, and that would help solve my frequency issues (more frequency to one spot rather than split, etc.).

So far, I've been able to install two 4k streaming boxes to our house, but the primary DVR has remained wired. I've heard from Cox two things - one, that because Homelife is part of my bundle, I can't get rid of the wired DVR box (we don't use Homelife, so removing that wouldn't be an issue for us). I've also been told that because our neighborhood doesn't support that kind of option, I'm required to have one wired DVR box and can't have a total of 3 streaming boxes without a wired DVR box.

So...has anyone else made this kind of switch, and/or if what I'm hoping to do not really possible? We're trying to get the most out of our gigablast internet, eliminate the three way splitter at the outside, and hopefully have a better set up. Multiple online chats, multiple techs coming to the house the last few days with the wrong work order (or not showing up) has left me a little soured and I guess a little more confused.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @Camps
    If you have the Contour Wireless boxes you should be able to turn your current DVR in and replace it with a regular Contour Box and get our Cloud DVR service which will work with your wireless boxes.

    Ben S.
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