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12 months ago

Missing program information

For the last couple of weeks the program description has been missing from most all of the Starz channels, the Science channel and various other channels.  This makes it impossible to 1, see what programs are running and 2, you can not record a program with missing information.

This is very disappointing as we all pay dearly for the program information and we are not getting what we paid for. I have been getting a message to tune to a different channel as the one i was watching is no longer available. When I go to the channel it requests, I always get the same information that the programs is no longer available.  Very frustrating.

I will say that today, Friday morning, all information seems to be available but I wonder if that will continue.  You owe each and every one of us a partial refund for the lack of missing program guide info that we pay you a lump sum or a monthly fee for it's use.