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5 years ago

Mini box issues

Just installed a new wireless mini box and have had issues from the beginning. After programming it and the remote and programming the remote to the tv the box decided to just not work at all. When i turned off the power to test the remote and turned it back on all I got was no connection. I had to walk around the house and turn off other boxes and reset my gateways and still nothing then I turned it off and on again and it worked. Now every time I power on the "all power" button I get the same message. No signal or no input. I notice that the box does not turn off even with all power button Only the tv turns off. I have now had to reboot all of my boxes multiple times for no reason. I just checked the box again and all I have is no connection. When it works its completely random.

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    Hello, does this issue occur when you press the "TV Power" and not "All Power?" The receiver itself does not need to be turned off, as our auto power save system puts the digital receiver into a light sleep after four hours of inactivity. Contour 2 receivers can also be placed on standby to reduce power usage without affecting scheduled recordings. Power saver mode can be activated at any time by saying “power down” into the Voice remote. Here is some additional information:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator