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2 years ago


Cox guide looks like they have Rewind TV schedule in place of ME TV starting June 1. Is Cox replacing ME TV with Rewind? Would be nice if Cox would actually inform customers of changes. Might drop Cox and just get a TV antenna instead.

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  • These types of decisions are made by the broadcaster (KLAS in this instance) and Cox has no control/influence over these decisions. These decisions often happen so quickly that we do not have time to properly advise of the changes ahead of time. If we can, we will let you know on your monthly statement the month prior.

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      Hi Brian,

      So ME TV will no longer be available on Cox starting June1st??  Is this the case?

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        Hi Marc, since KLAS is dropping MeTV, KHSV has announced its decision to pick up MeTV. MeTV will move to channel 120 on May 31, 2022 in Las Vegas. Because TV networks are owned by different broadcasters throughout the USA, channel changes often differ from city to city. Channel changes for specific areas are announced in the "News from Cox" section of your monthly statement PDF. You can view your bill statement PDF by logging in to, clicking on View My Statements, selecting the correct monthly statement from the drop-down box, and selecting "View Bill Details (PDF)". You can also view your bill statements using the Cox App. After you've logged in to the app, click on the Billing menu icon at the bottom of the screen, select Activity & Statements, select Statements, and then selecting View Bill Details PDF for each month. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator