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3 years ago

Loyalty versus Retention

I have been a Cox customer for nearly 30 years and, the longer I have been a Cox customer, I received very reasonable discounts on the services I have.  Each year, I would get a notice that certain loyalty programs were expiring and I would then call the Loyalty Department and they would always have discount packages for long-term loyal customers.  Now, however, it appears there is no longer a Loyalty Department but a "Retention" Department.  I am sorry, cox, but "Loyalty" and Retention" are NOT the same thing.  Now, regardless of the length of time you are with them., Cox offers the same deals to everyone and, frankly, they are NOT as good as the Loyalty deals were. And each of the four times (yes four times) I have spoken to the so-called Customer Service personnel, I have received the same answer.  "We gave you a little discount on Contour TV but that is all we have at this time.  Try calling back in a month or so."  For unknown reasons (but as a 40+ year corporate employee/executive myself) I suspect I do know the reasons for what has happened to Cox.  And, unfortunately, in the area I live, Cox has a stranglehold on nearly all services.  For example, I could get another Internet provider but their max speed is 40 Mbps compared to Cox's 150 to 300 Mbps (and soon Gig speed).  My neighbors who use satellite TV says it is not all that great and has issues at times.  So, I suspect I am stuck with Cox for now and I certainly hope they wake up and reinstate the Loyalty group and offer us long-term customers better discounts or they will start losing customers like myself.

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