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4 years ago

Loyalty Team - Early Termination

Here's my situation:

Recently moved to a temporary rental in a Cox servicing area.  I then purchased a home and used the online portal to transfer my services from my rental to my house.  Had selected to end service at my old house and start service at my new house the same day.  Also selected self-install to save money.  Thought it would be simple.

Except it wasn't.  My self-install didn't go well.  The internet works fine, but one of my TV boxes said that I needed to call to activate it.  The other TV box worked fine.

When I call to activate the 2nd TV box as the screen indicated I was told after a lot of troubleshooting that someone would need to come out at an expense of $100 to do a professional install.  When I pushed back they indicated to me that I could try to self-troubleshoot through the app or online.

When I logged online to try to self troubleshoot I noticed an early termination fee of $210.  I try the Cox chat and am told that they can't help me.  I call Cox customer service and then they say that I need to call the loyalty team.

I finally get ahold of someone from the loyalty team and he was by far the most helpful.  He said it was a clear mistake and he'd submit for a credit that should post within a few business days.  Fast forward 3 weeks, my bill is due and no credit has been posted.  I have tried the chat, and they say they can't help me.  I call the loyalty team (20 minute hold) and they say they are working on it, put me on hold, come back and tell me they are working on it, and then CLICK - disconnected.  I try again, have to wait on hold....same exact result. They tell me they are working on it, put me on hold, come back and tell me they are working on it, and then....YEP - CLICK, disconnected.

I am now on hold again, hoping for different results.

So here I am weeks later, paying an extra fee that I shouldn't be, and still have service that doesn't work as it should.

Is someone here actually able to help?  I've never been so dissatisfied with a provider.  Have had FIOS, Comcast, ATT, DirectTV, Spectrum, etc.  This is the worst!

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    Online chat stinks.  Calling is always hit or miss.  Email works best.

    Send an email to with the following:
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