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4 years ago

Lock remote - Toddler protection

I would like to be able to lock the remote so my toddler cant change the volume/channel when he grabs the remote.

If anyone can link me to a feature that does this i would appreciate it.  My fridge (water/ice dispenser), oven, dish washer, microwave all have lock features, it would seem this should already be existing.  I can set a pin for him to not order movies, but he can still ruin regular TV by taking the remote and mashing buttons, running away with it.

Software enhancement:
I would like to be able to say into the remote 'lock remote' to lock, and 'unlock remote' to unlock.  When locked, any buttons besides the voice button would be ignored by the box, or perhaps it should present a text to the user saying buttons are disable with an instruction on how to unlock the remote.  The box would install this update on its nightly update cycle a few months from now, once its been developed, and should work for all remote types that support the 'voice input'.

Alternatively, a button sequence can be used to lock the remote.  This would support older remotes if that's desirable.  A user should be able to lock the remote 'intuitively' with this lock sequence (which is harder than saying 'lock remote' into the voice input, which makes this a weaker option).

Cox Customer Support,

Please create a Software Change Request to include the above software enhancement in an up coming software patch.  It shouldnt be too difficult to develop and seems like a feature that should already be existing (all appliances that i own support a lock for toddler prevention).

Thank you,


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    Hi @BWebb88

    At this time we only have parental controls that lock VOD,PPV and channels (links below). I have submitted your feature enhancement ideas for the remote to our video team. Thank you for your feedback.

    Ben S.
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    I just remove a single battery when I want to disable the remote. Works every time.

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    Good luck with Cox.  I remember Cox trying to sell "family values" with the Voice Remote.  A commercial had a baby speak its first words into the remote, Contour replied with Baby Mama onscreen, the mom swooned from happy tears all while Cox twinkled piano keys in the background.  It was pretty disgusting.

    What you could do is keep out of reach of children like every other responsible parent has done since the invention of handheld gizmos and doohickeys.

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    Child safety locks are to protect curious kids from poisons and dangerous situations...not your addiction to Jerry Springer.

    If you want your toddler to play with the remote, at least remove its batteries...and wash it.