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4 years ago

Lies, Deceit, and ghost transfers

I have spent half my day today being lied to, called a liar, ghost transferred (called about missing services after a change and was transferred to collections) because the rep didn't want to assist, and on hold for over 3 hours combined.  What kind of customer service is this?  Here is what happened.

I called to remove services because a bill in excess of $200 per month is just too much.  I clearly explained I wanted to get rid of Homelife, my premium movie channels; but wanted to keep my extended cable channels 25 and up as well as my HD channels.  The rep told me I only needed Cox TV Starter and the Advanced tv service and the monthly cost would be $108 for that and my internet.  After the change was made to my account I only had channels up to 25 and nothing in the HD range, all saying I needed a subscription.  I called back in and amazingly was told there was an outage in my area at exactly the same time and the channels wouldn't be back until 9 pm, convenient.  I was also told in multiple follow up calls my bill with those channels would be $158 or $163 or $176, and last and best $226 WITHOUT ANY PREMIUM CHANNELS!  The last was more than I was paying before I got rid of the 4 premium channels I had.

I had one rep flat out call me a liar when I told them I was quoted $108 for what I requested and when I requested a supervisor I was told his supervisor could not help me only he could.  This happens EVERY TIME I make changes to my account and when I make changes I am VERY specific in expressing what I want.  So I requested an email address for their customer complaint department and was told no email for that exists.  Unless I get some sort of response assisting me with my issue I will be cancelling my service and moving everything to a different provider.

I am sure this will not show up for the public eye or be quickly removed as Cox has proven to me they are a bait and switch company.

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