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5 years ago

Last day to set things right

As a Cox seasonal customer for about 15 yrs, we got a big surprise when leaving this spring.

We always sign up for month to month service as we are gone 6 months of the year. Silver Package (month to month) was what took us from Directv to Cox TV.

We have had Cox internet seasonally for 15 years. We return equipment each spring and turn off internet also.

This year because of  travel, we took internet only in October, then picked up TV equipment in January.

We went directly to the Tempe,AZ store, the bigger guy there, seemed to be able to reinstate our Silver Package (after scrolling thru a few screens.

He knew we were only in AZ til spring, I had got equipment from him before, left happy.

We left AZ a little early, Virus concerns etc. Equipment returned etc.

When we get the final bill, $200 EARLY TERMINATION FEE!!!!

Also promised internet at 39.95 per month to  leave on for summer, no, 100.00 + for internet only that we will not use for anything other than Ring doorbell and Blink Camera!!

Several phone calls later, cancelled all, got bill sorted out to time we left but they still want $200 termination fee!!!

So disappointed after years of great service, Anyone else in this predicament?

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