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4 years ago

Last channel

On my first box when I push the " last" button it would return the picture to where it was at the time when I previously pushed it. I've attempted to raise the issue with Cox this was one of their suggestions. Now the show just keeps going, not as nice. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi Pjarvislog,

    The 'Last' Button should return you to the last screen that you were on, similar to a back button. If that is not working please try to replace the batteries, and if that still does not work you may need to replace the remote. You could also try to pair-up another remote to that box to see if another remote has the same issues. Here is a link to help you with that: .

    Ben S.
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      If the OP is using Contour 2, after pushing the Last button you have to push the OK button to return to the last channel.