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3 years ago

Kansas Bally Sports feed?

Why is there a kick boxing program instead of the KC Royals baseball game on the Kansas Bally Sports feed? Switching error by your Friday workers?

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    Now we have baseball, at least. Still not Royals, though. 

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      At 7:24 the Royals game came on! Will wonders never cease? Not the first time this has happened. Score was 3-1 at the time...

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    Contributor II 7:15 it switched to the St Louis-Cincinatti ball game. Close, but no cigar. Where are the Royals? BTW - it is showing correctly on the Bally Sports app.

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    Bally Sports failed again.   For today's scheduled broadcast of my game, I recorded two hours of a black screen.  It then changed to a "Sinclair Broadcast Group Media Operations Center" test screen which is still continuing now live.