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6 years ago

Install Question - DirecTV to Cox

I am contemplating moving from DirecTV to Cox.  When I installed DirecTV, years ago, I ran new coax (stainless shielded) from the DirecTV switch in the attic to all television locations inside my house.  The cable box where my Cox internet and phone enters the house is on the back, outside wall.  If I change to Cox, will they allow me to run a coax line from their box, through the wall into the attic, and split into each television line at the point where the DirecTV switch is?  I understand it may be my responsibility to run the line and make the attic connections.  Anny assistance will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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      Yep.  Understand that.  Just looking for a convenient way to tie in all my coax.  Would unhook the DTV switch and hook up the Cox splitter(s) in its place.  Thanks.

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        DanT, No other provider's connections should be run through our demarcation point. If you are switching to Cox from another TV provider you'd need to have a professional installation in order to make sure everything is connected correctly and that existing cabling is sufficient to support your service. -ColleenD., Cox Support Forums Moderator