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6 years ago

Ingress Mitigation - Cox guy snooping around the property, unasked.

For the second time in the last five years, a Cox truck guy was found wandering around the property, unasked, because he suspected "ingress mitigation" leaks were occurring, which in his opinion, or Cox's (you choose), a possible RF leak from a coax drop in our house was slowing down the neighborhood.

Seriously?  And then he added guys like him just drive around all day, looking for stray RF.

Seriously again?  This happened about five years ago - so we went along for the ride, someone came out, thought they 'may' have found the suspected line, tagged it in our external house cable box, and then left, never to be heard of again, until this guy showed up.

I then said "do you want to come in and try and trace the line (,

to which he replied "I don't have the tools for that".

Then WTF are you doing on the property?  Stunned.

Anyone else ever have this happen to you, and if so, what was done to rectify the problem so they aren't found lurking in the garden again....

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  • Hi Otterbay, this technician is part of the Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) and Ingress team. This team ensures that we identify and correct problems associated with homes back-feeding ingress into the system. Back-feeding ingress occurs when off-air signals leak into our main line plant, causing problems within the node. This signal interference is monitored by the FCC and has the capability of degrading service for other customers. The technician should have given you (or hung on your door) a door tag with a phone number to call Cox. If you prefer, you can call the Cox Technical Support phone number for your area, or email my team at We need to schedule an appointment so a field technician can resolve the issue. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator