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4 years ago

I want to be able to watch Dodger games this year. When is Cox going to start carrying Spectrum? DirectTV and others finally signed on to offer Spectrum to their customers. Why hasn't Cox? My rates keep increasing. It's been 7 years!

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    Hi Dodgerfan55,

    We don't have any information in regards to carrying Spectrum sports channel. We appreciate your interest with adding the channel to our lineup and we've submitted a channel request on your behalf. If there are any updates to our channel lineup, you will be notified in your monthly statement.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I agree with first comment!  We must have access to Dodger games now that issue has been solved. Please make this happen!!!

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        I also agree we need the Dodgers on Cox, myself I already checked with AT%T TV and their service would save me $80 for the same service I have on cox right now. I've only been hesitant because my wife uses for email as soon as she changes all that and if cox doesn't have the Dodgers by opening day I'm changing

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    cox has no obligation to provide every specific channel to everyone who has a special request.